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Subliminal Messaging - Why Signage Works

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Remember the last time you ordered a drink and you didn't know why? The bartender rattled off some choices and you picked something at random. Hmm. How the heck did you arrive at that choice? What if it was a message you had no awareness of receiving... a long ago conversation or an advertisement on a podcast? Or...maybe you just saw a sign over the urinal two minutes ago? Ta-Da. Yup. It's how signage works. If you can work your brand, your beer, or your liquor into the bar decor, you've already played into the psychology of subliminal messaging.

Get your branding in the bar.

How do you present your product to the end-consumer? To capture a part of the final transaction you have to "be there". Your brand should be part of the atmosphere and the flavor of the establishment. Spend your marketing money by providing signs to your clientele - thus exposing your brand to the guy-at-the-bar-with-the-wallet.

Subliminal exposure.

Whether your client puts the signs in the hallway, in his office or in the lavatories, your brand exposure just increased. Whether they are aware of it or not, you have your customers' attention. Even if you use online ads, consumer reports indicate that tactile experiences are easier to remember. There is a physicality to signage. The ability to retain the image is superior to seeing anything on a screen.

Good art is good branding.

Let's talk about the product. Most of the time the art provided is exceptional. People are amazing. These label artists are under-valued! But the art HAS to be good! There is nothing worse than spending your hard-earned advertising dollars on branding and having it fall flat. While this is not the norm, it happens. It's important for your "advertising" to cohesively represent your branding. Make sure your art represents you and the spirit of your brand. Impactful imagery is essential to subliminal retention.

Make it easy for the public to get to know you.

Get your brand out there often and in many forms. Spread that imagery as far and wide as you can afford. Give away signs to your vendors. Buy them in a variety of sizes and substrates. Order specially made signs for corporate gifts. Encourage your vendors to sell them to their eager bar-goers. Add your logo to basically everything you can, stickers, glassware and giveaways. All of it matters. Seduce your customer with your amazing subliminal marketing.

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