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Jockey Box Cover at Event with Man and Party Cup

CustomJockey Box Covers

The Swing Shift Jockey Box Cover is a must-have to build your brand.

As a brewer you've probably put a lot of time, money and effort into the design of your labels and your logos. For good reason, the Brewing industry is highly competitive! Your logo can and should be re-purposed beyond the label in as many forms as possible.  Enter the Jockey Box Cover - Your number one accessory for brand building at Brewfests.


Made of high quality engineered wood, our Jockey Box Covers are collapsible, pack flat and require no hardware or fasteners of any kind.



Custom Printed Graphics,

Full Color or Logos Only

Locally Sourced & Durable Wood

Water Resistant


Assemble Without Hardware

Easily Transport in Original Box


All Panels Replaceable,

Can Order Individually


Change Out Front Panel

for Different Brews!

Ship Flat for a Low Shipping Cost

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

If you need expedited service please call us

The wood surface contains wood-grain variations, knots and minor imperfections 


"These covers are f***ing gangster thanks man, you guys make a nice product very happy."


- Kevin | Ogma Brewing

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