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"Where is Everybody?" (Season 1, Episode 1)

Yup. We've entered the Twilight Zone. Sit tight. Do what is necessary to keep healthy, but plan for an end to the current bleakness. Like each episode of Twilight Zone, this too will end with a lesson. Currently we are learning not to take each other for granted. We learned grace and humility... and patience. And we'll need more of each before this is over, but in our collective sacrifice is opportunity. The gift is clarity of mind. Our quietude is time to process, plan and execute a way forward. Make your list of changes and a wish list, the stuff you would do if you could see a way. Handwriting it forces your brain to engage. It helps with retention. Until we can have a beer with friends again, let's use this predicament to map out what comes next. Get creative! Courage.

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