Craft Brewers A Growth Industry


The phenomenon that has fueled the growth of the craft brewers industry over the past several years continues today.  The concept of the brew/pub has become a cultural activity.  At a national, international, and local level, drinking craft beer and eating good food in the pub setting has risen to whole new levels.  People plan trips based on the location of these unique businesses.  For the people who are in the business, it has become so much more than beer.  The products we create here at Meissenburg Designs can become a powerful profit center for a craft brewery, utilizing the art already developed to create new products for sale and promotion.

Design to Production


At Swing Shift Promotions you can deal directly with a designer, no middle man to deal with, and when you have completed the design, we create the product right here at our factory in Bigfork, Montana, USA.  Whether you are promoting a product or building your brand, we can put our teams to work creating just what you need to succeed.  Give us a call or send us an email.  Just click on the contact button to get a conversation started.

New Products & Designs

Because we have a rich history of innovation, we are constantly coming up with new products and designs. This website allows us to give you a peek at some of the amazing new creations developed by our team. That's why we say here at Swing Shift Promotions that if you can dream it up, we can make it real. From design to production we want to be your professional source for high quality "Made in USA" signs and displays. Click on this text to see the new work.